The Clermont Lounge™ is Atlanta’s oldest strip club.  Although the basement space began life in 1955 as an upscale supper club, it was reborn as the Clermont in 1965 and became an Atlanta landmark.

 Located in the basement of the Clermont Motor Hotel on Ponce De Leon, the Clermont offers great entertainment, generous drinks and much, much more.

 We have been  featured on many shows including, the Travel Channel’s “The Layover”, Real Housewives of Atlanta, Comedy Central and many more.  The Clermont Lounge has received numerous awards for our unique atmosphere and service.  Many celebrities frequent the Clermont often.  Bill Murray, Robert De Niro, P!nk, Carey Hart, Kid Rock, Woody Harrelson, Marilyn Manson, Morgan Freeman, Ben Stiller, Jon Stewart and many others frequent the World Famous Clermont Lounge!

 You will often see many celebrities here enjoying the magic.  Come find out what draws people to the Clermont Lounge and see if the rumors are true.  You never know who you may bump into.